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Black garlic dish

Black garlic dish

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yuanhao
Certification: Q/HMHS0003S-2009

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 500kgs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 250g/ Vacuum Bag,500g vacuumBag/CTN
Delivery Time: 25 WORKING DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T,LC,DP AT SIGHT
Supply Ability: 30MTS/YEAR
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Detailed Product Description

Ingredients: yam, Chinese wolfberry, rock sugar, honey, water, oil, black garlic cloves
Seasoning: orange juice, honey and chocolate
Step 1: clean the yam, peeled.Cut into 1 cm square, 5 cm long, soaked with water.With drain first before, Chinese wolfberry with blisters soft.
Step 2: the pot in the enough oil (can't yam), burn to 7 mature, into the yam segment with fry over medium heat until slightly yellow fish out, drain oil.
Step 3: put in black garlic cloves stir well.
Step 4: the bubble good Chinese wolfberry evenly scattered in code yam.
Step 5: adding water in the frying pan, add rock sugar, small fire to make rock candy melt completely, then stir in honey, boil to bring to the bubble can be out of the pot.
Step 6: poured honeydew evenly on yam.

What is black garlic:

Black garlic is simply garlic that has been aged and fermented—no additives. No food coloring, no soy sauce, and no preservatives—just pure garlic. The black color occurs naturally as the sugars are drawn out of the garlic cloves during the fermentation process.

Products characteristics:

1)Purely natural, healthy and green food
2)Richly containing 18 kinds of amino acids that are essential to the human body

3) it’s loaded with nearly twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic It also contains S-Allycysteine, which is fancy talk for a natural compound that has been proven to be a factor in cancer prevention.
4)Improves body immunity, especially for the vulnerable
5)Resisting fatigue and aging effectively
6)Aid in the recovery of the ailing and elderly
7)To assist in adjusting the pressure of the blood, blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol


 Black garlic is sweet meets savory, a perfect mix of molasses-like richness and tangy garlic undertones. It has a tender, almost jelly-like texture with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency similar to a soft dried fruit. 

1) Direct edible: Take 3-5 cloves two times daily

2) As food ingredient. Suitable for biscuits and all sorts of small snacks, etc

3) For cooking: Widely used for noodles, soup, dishes, salad, pizza, sandwiches,etc

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